Great opinion piece, and I concur.

Kind of amusing, in a dark way – the original ban was supposed to give Trump 90 days to “figure out what’s happening.”  He’s been in office two months so hopefully he’s thinking about it.  Or can he only start thinking about it when a ban is in place?  Can anybody explain it?

Also, wasn’t he going to order the generals to come up  with a plan to defeat ISIS within 30 days?  Do they have the plan yet?

The first 100 days is supposed to set the tone for your Presidency.  He’s accomplished… what exactly?  He wrote a bunch of executive orders, half of which don’t even make sense.  He’s firing lots of people, but not getting around to hiring many.  And while promising to reduce deficits he’s proposing the largest military build-up since Reagan to accomplish… what exactly?  Oh yeah – defeat ISIS.  I don’t know what the plan is, but obviously he needs 54 billion extra dollars to carry it out.

He bombed a mosque in Syria, killing 57 people.  Killed a bunch of kids (including an American citizen) and got an American soldier killed in an earlier action.

Buyer’s remorse yet?