I fully and unequivocally support the congressional investigation as to whether or not Trump was wiretapped. I think that will be really fun! Who’s on 4hat committee?

But this investigation would be more than fun. It would be productive. There is one of two possibilities. Either the President and Breitbart are delusional and willing to spend tax dollars indulging the delusion. Or there really was wiretapping and a FISA court issued the warrant. It will draw much media attention and analysis, and either revelation is worth the money spent.

Note that his handlers took over a day to generate a response to questions about his tweets. They chose this route because they had no choice. And now the Republican Congress is willing to investigate this having refused to investigate the Russian connection to the Trump campaign. This is damage control and nothing good for the administration can come out of the investigation, and I suspect it will be put on ice. Hopefully the media will be diligent in demanding reports of progress on the investigation.

No, we need this investigation. Bring it on!

Either way, if it happened within the WH, Trump doesn’t need a Congressional investigation. The President says he has the evidence and knows it happened. If he knows it happened, he has the reins. The President has plenary power to declassify and publicize anything under his jurisdiction. Anything. He can do it by the book or he can do it basically by fiat with no one involved at all. All the Congressional committee can do is accept his evidence. That he’s calling for an investigation means he’s stalling.