Those who backed Clinton in the primaries really need to hear this guy’s pitch. Yes, the Comey letter hurt Clinton. Yes, the Wikileaks/ Russian hacking, whatever, hurt Clinton. Yes, sexism hurt Clinton. Yes, racism hurt Clinton. But the Comey letter would not have happened if Clinton had not been so obsessed with personal privacy (and no, Powell and the others did not do exactly what she did). The Wikileaks revelations would not have drawn blood but for the insular elitist culture of the DNC. The biggest problem was the complacent liberal elitism her campaign represented.

Those of us who supported Sanders in the primary, most of us, did turn around and support her. She was the candidate who could defeat Trump. The “progressive who gets things done.” And then instead of showing up for rallies to encourage and expand her base she was attending high donation fundraisers – late into October for crying out loud! Even as she was outspending Trump by huge amounts! Then afterwards, I’ve seen so many Clinton supporters blaming Sanders (who actually ran about the most kid gloves primary campaign I’ve seen in my adult life). Blaming young people for not turning out. Blaming third party candidates for running. Blaming the media for covering Trump events while she was attending private fundraisers. Blaming everyone and everything but Clinton and the campaign itself, and the insular culture which continues to permeate the Democratic Party as Nancy Pelosi barely held onto her leadership position and then cluelessly exclaims, “I don’t think Democrats want a new direction.” Well if she’s right, then the Democrats will continue to lose and lose, as will the rest of us. Cenk Uygar is right. Either the Democrats become populist now, or they will continue to lose. It’s really that simple.

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