They would foot the bill for this guy to tour the US.  This guy blows out of the water several stereotypes at once.  Progressives should be talking to this guy.  Democrats too.  Because of the neglect, we have lost many of these people.  This guy is young, and with fight and spirit.  This guy picked up a few books along his journey, and he thinks.  He can’t afford college, but he takes the time to think.  Listen to the results.

If we survive as a species it will be largely due to the efforts of people like Nic Smith, who are in a unique position at this point in history to change the narrative.
He’s a Waffle House waiter, training for the grill when he will go from $2.35 minimum wage plus tips to $9.60 per hour with no tips.  And yet he knows more about society and politics than many people with advanced degrees.