Throughout the campaign, Trump has been calling for mandatory registration of Muslims.  If his surrogates are to be believed it’s still on the table, though there is ambiguity as to whether such a registry would apply only to immigrants or would include current Muslim US citizens.

One surrogate interviewed by Megyn Kelly cites the Japanese internment as legal precedent, and in fact there is a horrific Supreme Court ruling which stands.  Seriously, when Megyn Kelly comes across as a bleeding heart ACLU card carrying liberal, you know we’re sliding into the bats— crazy!

George Takei, known primarily for his role as Lt. Sulu in Star Trek, is an internment camp survivor and addresses the issue:

There is dangerous talk these days by those who have the ear of some at the highest levels of government. Earlier this week, Carl Higbie, an outspoken Trump surrogate and co-chair of Great America PAC, gave an interview with Megyn Kelly of Fox News. They were discussing the notion of a national Muslim registry, a controversial part of the Trump administration’s national security plans, when Higbie dropped a bombshell: “We did it during World War II with Japanese, which, you know, call it what you will,” he said. Was he really citing the Japanese American internment, Kelly wanted to know, as grounds for treating Muslims the same way today? Higbie responded that he wasn’t saying we should return to putting people in camps. But then he added, “There is precedent for it.”

Higbie tried to roll it back, and blame Kelly for what he said.


Trump’s surrogates have denied that he doesn’t really mean the registry to be a list which tracks people according to their religious beliefs, but they get really dodgy when asked for specific clarifications.  And there is this video.

Hopefully his advisors understand how insane the registry would be and the enormous resistance it would generate.  Many who are not currently of the Muslim faith are threatening to register.  I’ll do it.  I’ll find a Muslim organization to join and then register. I imagine that thousands will join me.  This Jewish leader will.

Again, we don’t have a lot of details, but it may be that he wants to revive the program Bush had in place which Obama cancelled (but according to this article, failed to dismantle).  But the whole concept of religion based profiling is ridiculous and oppressive.  Geography, you can make an argument.  But can you name the largest Muslim-majority country?  Hint:  It’s not in the Middle East.