AAAThe group who coalesced for the Bernie Sanders campaign succeeded in generating over 70 percent of the votes in Humboldt County – the best result for Sanders in the state.

Out of the effort was created the NCPA under the capable leadership of Tamara McFarland – the new powerhouse of Humboldt County progressive politics (just devastatingly effective while soft-spoken and without excessive ego).  They took up three causes this election an prevailed in all three by wide margins.

They backed 25 year old Austin Allison, relatively new to the community and without government experience against a candidate with extensive experience and deep community roots.  Allison prevailed by nine percentage points at latest count.

They helped pass by overwhelming numbers (over 15 percent at last count) Measure P, for ward elections – progressive reform for which  progressives in cities of much more liberal persuasion have had to fight long and hard.

They passed rent control for mobile homes, complete with vacancy rent control again with convincing numbers – about 10 percent at last count.  Rent control in any form has had a difficult time passing in jurisdictions of much greater progressive persuasion, including Santa Cruz.

You can see the results here. Quite the winning streak!