The death penalty ban failed.  Passed in Humboldt County.  Looks like the county breakdown is pretty much along the expected liberal/conservative lines.  Interesting tht it passed in Yolo, but not Sacramento.  The hippies must have come out in full force in Alpine.

Almost a reverse image for Prop 66, with some inland counties not buying into it even if they support the death penalty.  This one hasn’t been decided, and there may be a recount.

I’m truly amazed at the margin of Prop 57s success!  Del Norte voted no, but only just barely.

Marijuana with wide support except in certain portions of the valley.  Posting the graphic.


Only a small handful of counties wanted to rescue rich people from taxes.

And here’s where I’m really proud to be a Californian as we’ve turned so much around since Props 187 and 227 of the 90s – every single county voted to restore bilingual education!  Now we have to find the teachers.


But then we’re back to the liberal/conservative divide on overturning Citizens United.  And the plastic bag ban.

Support for mandatory porn condoms was concentrated in SoCal.

Check out the ammunition control measure.  Mostly along the liberal/conservative county lines, except that certain counties with heavy Latino votes went for it.  And San Diego!  And Orange!  But not Trinity.  Humboldt County was game, but not with the same margin as the rest of the state.

A large number of people fell for the barrage of anti-61 ads.  That map looks like the liberal/conservative divide of the 1980s.


I’m really surprised at the widespread support for the huge cigarette tax.  Must not be very many conservative smokers left in California.

And yes, it was proposed by Republicans, but really, if the power dynamics were reversed the Democrats would have latched onto Prop 54.  Passed in every county because California loves sunshine.