Q: What will happen to Clinton if Trump doesn’t concede?

A: She will become president of the United States on January 20, 2017.

First addendum: The day begins with bizarre – Fox News reports that would-be Trump assassin Austin Crites is using his dead grandmother to commit voter fraud.  But she claims she’s alive.  According to the D-Kos post, there’s still no retraction so they’ve reported and you have to decide.

However, there is at least one confirmed attempt to vote on behalf of a dead person.

Second addendum:  I arrived to vote at the church on J Street in Eureka at about 8:15.  About 10 to 15 people voting, maybe a little more than 4 years ago at about the same time in the same precinct.  I met my neighbor – apparently my letter got into the paper this morning.  She complimented me on it.  So between her partner, Jana, and myself, that’s four votes for Allison in our neighborhood.  Probably at least two more down the street.

A precinct worker told me that there was a line when they opened – people actually had to wait to vote.

I wonder if California will ever become a “battleground state” again.

Coulter’s brilliant analysis:  “Trump wins if only those with four grandparents born in the US vote.”  That would eliminate me.  I only have two.  Both grandfathers immigrants.

Third addendum:  Voter intimidation in Florida, complete with confederate flags.

Trump was booed as he went to vote.  I’m uneasy about that – a lawful protest certainly, but could it be interpreted as voter intimidation even if it’s just one voter?  Not a crime unless it’s intended to deter his vote, which isn’t a likely outcome.  But my feeling?  Just let him cast his vote in peace.

Well, looking at the video, the demonstration is contained away from the polling station entry and everyone appears to be abiding, so, no intimidation.  I’m just not sure it’s appropriate.

Meanwhile, update to the image above.

Trump is suing to nix those Latino early votes in Clark County.

Fourth addendum:  No go on the Trump suit in Nevada.

Is Trump a control freak?