Really good early voting numbers for Clinton.

Huge line in Nevada Mexican supermarket.

And in Florida.

They waited in lines for hours. On a Friday night. After a long work day, after a long work week.

They waited in line for hours. To vote. To exercise their rights as citizens to choose their government. They waited in line for hours.

They have been denigrated, derided, taunted, and they waited in line for hours to defend their basic rights. To defend their friends. To defend their families. They waited in line because they have been scapegoated and threatened. Here. In America.

They waited in line to express their dream of America.

They waited in line and proved that America already is great.

Some in this country aren’t happy with their choices. Some don’t believe that the outcome will effect their lives. The thousands of people who waited in line for hours last night are not among them. They understand the consequences. This is about their future. This is about the future of their friends and families. This is about their children.

If you aren’t inspired by the choices, be inspired by them. If you don’t think this is about you, know that it is about them. If you want to take a stand for principles and values and the most vulnerable in our society, listen to them.

They waited in line for hours. They did what they could. Can you help them?”

Also women.