First we have the Comey letter of Friday, timed and written perfectly to exact the most possible damage against Clinton with absolutely no evidence or information.  This happening against a long standing FBI policy not to publicly comment on an investigation of a candidate within 60 days of an election – with the caveat that there is actually no investigation of Clinton pending – contrary to the headlines nothing was “reopened.”

Then a few days later, a long dormant FBI Twitter account mysteriously lights up with a file dump of an investigation involving Clinton which was closed 15 years ago.

Meanwhile, the FBI saw fit to, sort of, acquit Trump with regard to Russian connections.

And now, the FBI lets known that it’s investigating an old fundraiser controversy involving Florida Democratic Senate candidate Patrick Murphy who’s in a fairly close race with Marco Rubio, as reports come in that Democrats are doing very well getting the early vote out in that state.  Of course there is no evidence that Murphy knew or had any knowledge of hypothetical wrongdoings.  But the FBI was kind enough to let the public know that they’re investigating something.

I just don’t recall the FBI being in so many election-related headlines a week before a national election.

Update:  Weiner’s alleged victim has written a scathing open letter to Comey.