Comey’s letter is really vague, and the timing is extremely suspect, but it is what it is.

Will it win the election for Trump?  I doubt it.  But it could help the Republicans hold on to the Senate.  Might not be fair that that the down ticket pays the price for Clinton’s stupidity, but voting decisions don’t always seem rational.  She just won’t have the coattails which have been building.

Of course, none of this could have happened with Bernie.  Just saying.

Update:  Okay, if Slate is correct, then Comey’s letter is way out of line!

Second update:  Yeah, it was a bulls— political stunt by a guy who’s taken a lot of heat for not delivering Clinton up for prosecution.  Manipulatively cryptic, leaving it to the press to guess what he was talking about.  As my friend James says, “It’s Friday.  The story will be dead by Monday.”

Here’s his internal letter to his employees, which reads like somebody really embarrassed.  He ought to be.

And here’s how the media got played.