Would regulate rent increases for mobile homes in parks with ten or more spaces within the unincorporated portions  of Humboldt County.  Increases would be allowed based on cost of living increases based on the CPI.  The county would post the rate of increases and landlords could either increase rents with proper notice or bank the increase for another time.  Landlords can exempt themselves by offering long term leases pursuant to Civil Code section 798.17, offering security for a waiver of rent control provisions (Landlords have been offering such leases in anticipation of the possibility the measure will pass, but there’s no time limit on such an offer).  And unlike San Francisco’s rent control and others, the measure includes vacancy rent control limiting increases to 5 percent (the lack of such provision has led to failures of rent control to stabilize anything in other jurisdictions).  It also does allow a landlord to request an exemption when costs exceed CPI.  It allows for rent increases for new capital improvements with consent of half the tenants.  Lastly, it allows for mandatory rent decreases if costs to the landlords are reduced.

Yes, yes, yes! I know – government red tape, blah, blah, blah.  Low to moderate income renters are provided little protection in this country.  This measure appears to be pretty well thought out.   I’m sure there will be problems.  But the less vulnerable we leave those on fixed incomes, the better our society.

Now let’s consider a more general rent control measure.  I say this as a landlord.