Eureka’s 4th ward candidates disagree on Measure P which would establish true ward-based elections.  Austin Allison supports it.  John Fullerton opposes.

I support Measure P just because I believe that some of the neighborhoods, particularly the west side, need accountable representation and because it would significantly reduce the impact of money on the City Council elections and offer opportunity for the neighborhoods to become very familiar with their candidates.  Let’s get that out of the way.

The reality here is that if John Fullerton wins and Measure P passes he would have a much easier time winning reelection in the 4th ward the next time around as the 4th is one of the more conservative.  Austin Allison would have a much harder time.

So basically both candidates are taking positions on the measure which is against his interests.  That says well for both.

So much to be cynical about in elections.  Just one point of light worth mentioning.