I was in the gym last night where I get my cable news fix and everybody was waiting for the recorded “apology.” I think what angers me most about the media coverage of this thing all the headlines and references to the 2005 video as “vulgar,” “lewd,” or “gross.” What he said isn’t “vulgar.” This isn’t about his choice of words, nor his infidelity. What he described is sexual assault. He is either a sexual predator or (at best) a bragging liar.

As I said, I think the race is effectively over. The money is going to dry up and the undecideds are going to move in Clinton’s direction. It may take a few days to set in, but people, even dogmatic people, will only take so much. Ryan is already effectively jumping ship. Others are running scared. It’s going to be a knife fight in the GOP.

I watched this happen on CNN last night. Ann Navarro is, by the way, a Republican. She’s been consistent throughout the campaign, but her indignation with the shameless hypocrisy of Scottie Nell Hughes is probably indicative of a discussion in which some principled Republicans will ask, “At long last have you no shame?”

Yes, I think it’s over. Not primarily because of the 2005 tape, but more because of the “apology.” This isn’t the primaries.