So I’ve binge-watched the 6th season of Walking Dead. It had been so long I actually forgot some of the characters, but I’m caught up. So, who did Neegan kill? It can’t be one of the minor characters or that would be anti-climactic. Thinking back over the possible clues of the season and Negan’s comment before dealing the killing blow – I’m thinking Michonne.

I don’t think it’s Glenn, even though he’s the one Negan executes in the graphic novel.  That would just be boring.

Killing of Daryl would start a riot.

Negan spent too much time screwing with Rick’s mind about Carl and beside I don’t think they want to go there just yet.

Here’s my case for it being Michone.  In that last episode they kept flashing to the first person view of the light coming through the bullet holes where the four were being held prisoner.  The last scene is from the first person view.  The four are Glenn, Mishone, Darryl and Rosita.  Rosita is too minor.  She’ll die at some point probably, and it won’t be that big of a deal.  Darryl is too popular – the series kills off  a lot of people but they don’t seem to have the courage of Game of Thrones.  Darryl is a staple.  Glenn – again, why go to all the trouble just to follow the graphic novel story which they’ve already veered from. and they already, lamely, played with the audience re his death earlier in the season when he hid under the dumpster and for reasons unknown the zombies eventually gave up and walked away.  So that leaves Michonne.

Michonne and Rick have just come together in love (wasn’t all that convinced of the chemistry).  The story line is switching from chaos rule to tyranny rule.  Again.  So Rick has to be beaten down.  Again.  I expect the first half of the next season will be about living under the tyranny, until Rick finds himself again after the blow of losing Michonne, and then war in the second half.

Meanwhile, I also predict that Dwight will turn to the good side.  We already know it’s in him from the way the character was introduced, and if he’s just a standard bad guy now then why the detailed recurrences?  He’s just boring otherwise.

And yes, this is much more compelling than the Clinton/Trump debate which I suspect will be boring because Clinton is an uninspiring wonk and Trump knows he has to control himself and look like a statesman now that he has to win more than Republicans.  So, maybe I’ll finish sense8….