Sen Elizabeth Warren – Yes!!!!  I’m glad she didn’t run for President.  I’m glad she’s not Clinton’s VP candidate.  She’s right where we need her the most! Check out the video below.  Best two minutes of politics you’ll see all year.
I mean you fire thousands of lower level employees and nobody putting the quota pressures on them?  Eight accounts per customer because “eight is great” – I kid you not, that was the internal corporate slogan.
It’s fraud, and they’re doing over and over again, and these f——s should be in jail!

Let me back up.  It was recently discovered that for years Wells Fargo had been systematically defrauding thousands of depositors by creating phony accounts and charging hidden fees for them. The scam was uncovered & ended only because of the existence of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Elizabeth Warren’s brainchild)–which, naturally, the Congressional Republicans want to eliminate. Wells Fargo paid a fine and fired thousands of low-level employees who participated in this scam. But (surprise!) no Wells Fargo executives have been held accountable or paid any penalties.

You don’t get thousands of 12 dollar per hour employees coincidentally doing the same thing unless it’s due, at minimum, to a culture which allows it, and more likely with some implicit or explicit direction from the top – or did they just do a remarkably bad job of hiring over the past two decades?

The account “technicians” should not be salespeople.  They should not be evaluated based on how much in fees they can generate, but in the quality of their services to customers.  Watching that guy listen to her with smug indignation – it brings out the vulgar Leninism in me!  I can see why some people just want to bring out the guillotines!