Remember the Chinese student who blocked the line of tanks during the protest/massacre at Tiananmen Square?  Similar image as a child my daughter’s age tries to stand down 11,000 anti-LGBT protesters in Tijuana.
It’s almost unfair in a way.  These 11 thousand organized and organized well in conjunction with similarly large rallies all over the country to show that the much smaller contingent of LGBT in Mexico City are fringe to their culture.  They probably received a lot of local coverage, and national, and probably this boy’s singular action made it as a side note, if that.
But then this image became international.  It made the rounds and transformed the story.  He and his stand are the story.  The 11 thousand reduced to part of his story.  The 11 thousand of course including hundreds who are suppressing or in denial of their own LGBT state of being.  Including children his age who will probably stand with him within another 10 or 20 years.
For all their numbers, the 11,000 will fall to the progressive forces of history, generated by relentless organizing and testimonials, with jump starts generated by images such as this. The photo is “viral.”  The 11 thousand organized in order to generate a transformative image which is already inflicting changes in nervous systems within Mexico and without.
It’s kind of unfair.  These people are marching with heart in what they believe.  But they are wrong and he is right.  And therefor, ultimately, he is more powerful than all of them.
From the article:

Said Rodriguez to Generacion: “At first I thought the child was only playing.”

But Rodriguez interviewed the child later, who said, “I have an uncle who is gay and I hate the hatred.”