I doubt it, but this NY Times article does make the case that this was a really bad time to be sidelined.

Her problem is that she is obsessed with her privacy, whether or not there is actual corruption, while running for an office where you can expect none.  She should be holding press conferences where she just lets the reporters ask question after question.  I’m sure she has enough pat answers for difficult questions.

And Trump’s campaign has brilliantly chosen to make its play for the middle with the childcare subsidy proposal.  If his supporters would stop beating people up, the media might actually be able to “normalize” him before October.

I’m still predicting the blow-out as the polls show movement up and down for Clinton but Trump’s numbers remain the low 40s and sometimes even in the upper 30s.  But the image of HRC stumbling has to lower confidence of the middle of the road voters for whom policy is less of a concern than character, and they look for impression of strength as well as substance.

Still, Trump’s caution right now is also justified, because if they portray her as weak and play up the issue, all she has to do is come off as robust and strong at the debate and she won’t look back in the polls.  Trump’s surrogates aren’t doing him any favors by spreading the conspiracy theories.

Still, she’s a woman and American politics (nor any politics just about anywhere) are not fair to women.  She has to make the extra effort to seem strong.  And that video on Sunday really doesn’t help.  And pneumonia – it kills people!  Recovery could be weeks away.

This blogger asks, “How is she even still alive?”

Oddly enough, Trump is claiming a “right to privacy” as to his own health.  He’s a man.  He can pull that off.