The Petaluma Argus confirms that the show has been cancelled.  I’ve also learned that the show in Seattle has been cancelled.  Pressure is being put on other venues as well.

But buried in the article:

Sizzla’s publicist, Olimetta Taal, acknowledged that Jamaican culture was more conservative than the United States in regard to LGBT individuals. She described his lyrics and on-stage messaging as cultural expression, and argued that it would be a mistake for fans to take them literally.

“What I can say is that his music is misinterpreted. His music is not to be taken at face value. It’s an expression of his cultural norms, his cultural background,” she said.

Now, that’s great coming from a PR person, but even better would be for Sizzla or any of the other “murder music” artists to say, “It’s just a song. Don’t take it literally.” I think Buju Banton has a particular responsibility since his song has been chanted during and/or after acts of homophobic violence in Jamaica.

It wouldn’t be enough to make me actually support the guy in any way, but it would be significant.  It might even get him off the “murder music” list.  And maybe it would save lives in Jamaica, where many of their fans take the lyrics quite literally.