The last caller on my show suggested that he has.  By some accounts he said “I love you” or something to the women protesting in the pit during his performance when they unfurled a Pride flag.  Others have a different account.  It’s inaudible on the video.

So a friend of mine who prefers not to be named sent me the following videos.  The first was filmed in 2014.


The following was posted in 2013 when he talked about burning gay men to the cheers of this crowd, wherever it was.


The incident at the Sting concert also happened in 2013.

This article trumpets Sizzla’s “triumph over the homosexual community.”  As Todd said on the show, Reggae on the River was the kick-off for his tour.

In September, he’s going to play at Folsom Street, in San Francisco.  I’m not sure if the owners of that venue know what they’ve taken on.

I don’t know.  Has he found some sort of humility in 2016?  I guess we’ll find out as the media catches up to the news of the tour.