Talking Points Memo reports.  I guess that means his name will appear twice?

The American Independent Party was the segregationist front for George Wallace’s campaign in 1968.  Since then it had pretty much been taken over by the John Birch Society – much like the Peace and Freedom Party is now essentially a front for the post-Trotskyist Workers World Party.

The party has long been a source of confusion for registering voters as some thought they were registering as “independent,” rather than the intended “decline to state.”  It fooled the Communist scholar Herbert Aptheker who found himself on a right wing crazy mailing list, getting literature about how the Equal Rights Amendment defied nature, and how the Soviet Union was deliberately ruining our economy by pretending to built up arms so that we would respond in kind – kind of ironic given that Caspar Weinberger in the Reagan administration has pretty much confessed to manufacturing the “Soviet military superiority” theme in order to justify Reagan’s dramatic increases in military spending in what would become a game of nuclear chicken.

Anyway, they have always been there as the right wing alternative for those who believe that the Republican Party is too liberal.  For instance, they believed that Reagan had become “an idiot tool of the Kremlin” when he was negotiating with Gorbachev.

For the first time, they have nominated the Republican nominee as their own.  Says a lot… well, about a lot.