Back during the Buju Banton controversy I googled up a storm looking for reggae artists with any kind of gay-positive message.  I was amazed that I could find nothing, nowhere.  It was really depressing.

A few years later a friend of mine sent an email entitled “Reggae’s First Pro-Gay Song.”  I was expecting  an ironic meme along the lines of what gets passed around on Facebook, but it was an actual Youtube link to an artist going by mistah majah p.  And he took on the issue head-on, trying to make up for decades of homophobia in one song.  He’s on his third disk now, and many of his songs deal with homophobia.

If anyone knows of any other, please let me know.

It’s a very lonely courageous stand he’s taking.  Some of the comments in the video threads indicate some serious flack.  Would love to see him come to Humboldt County, maybe even Reggae on the River.  I will be delivering the demo disks to Justin – I can’t judge whether the music is good in terms of the prevailing standards, though he did win some awards in Canada.

Here’s his website.

Here are some examples.

And this song is directed at a few of the “murder music” artists.


Thanks to Bob Doran for sending me this Tanya Stephens link!