Trump suggested it on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.  Sanders tweeted “game on.”

The stakes would be really high!  Clinton may regret refusing the debate with Sanders.  Or maybe not.  However it plays out in politics, it could be a very educational moment for the country as two very distinct ideologies collide.  Seriously, it could be huge.

Politically speaking who would benefit?  It really just depends.

Update:  Oh, it looks like Trump wasn’t serious.  Wimp.

Second update:  It looks like the Sanders people played Trump by using Kimmel to bypass Trump’s handlers.  Trump’s camp was trying to walk it back this morning.  Now Sanders is calling Trump a “chicken” so we’ll see how it plays out.  Could be the most watched debate in history!

Some Clinton supporters are worried that it’s going to be a Trump play for Bernie supporters, but Bernie will be the for business and will probably take Elizabeth Warren’s tack, which resulted in Trump losing her cool and calling her “Pocahontas.”

Final update:  Alas, Trump chickens out.