Basically, do we hold onto the old economic-industrial model hoping that marijuana keeps it alive until the great shipping and logging revival?  Or do we look to new models and new ideas?

It’s an intense discussion made more intense last night.

The county’s kind of dying on the vine, but as a certain young political figure tried to point out a few years back (which led to another intense interaction at the same location as this one), certain elements of the marijuana industry has allied itself with certain elements of the old guard.  They have the power right now and they aren’t letting go anytime soon, so basically we’re waiting for a shipping/logging revival/marijuana miracle to come along.  Until then we argue about where to put the increasing number of homeless people and whine about the crime.

The alliance has had a lock on county politics since 2012.  Lot’s of campaign money flowing to keep them in place with the only possibility of raising money to counter it being the only donation sources (the Native Tribes) to be effectively regulated.  No serious opposition to the majority lock this election cycle, and probably not the next either.

So what are you waiting for?  Progressives aren’t in your way – lots of 4-1 votes in the GPU update, no need to compromise so no real effort that way.  You’ve got the reins.  You’ve had them for four years.  Fix the problems already!

Or you can stay mad and continue to throw tantrums.