Not a good night for Bernie Sanders or Republicans.

Some silver linings for Republicans – Cruz managed to take his own state of Texas (the polls had raised some questions about that) and neighboring Oklahoma, and did fairly well in other southern states.  But he was dismal everywhere else, coming in fourth in New England and the midwest.  Also bad for Cruz (and the Republicans) is that Rubio feels emboldened by his single win in Minnesota and won’t be leaving the race anytime soon.

Trump didn’t win all the states like some had predicted, but he’s clearly the frontrunner.  And now you have his apologists trying to defend him by claiming that the KKK is a leftist organization (“Democrat” at any point in history being “leftist.”).

Van Jones wasn’t having any of it.

On the Democratic Party side, Sanders ran into the buzz saw of the black vote. His chances have never been good, but there are some silver linings as well. The bad news is that he lost all the southern states (with one dubious exception – dubious in that Oklahoma probably isn’t really a southern state). Even worse, he was edged out in Massachusetts – he really can’t be losing to Clinton in New England. Of course he swept all the counties in his own state, but more importantly he won landslide victories in the caucuses of Minnesota and Colorado (where he apparently got some help from the Latino vote).

And, he had a convincing win in the Oklahoma primary – a deep red state which allows independents to vote in the party primaries and he pretty much swept the state.  Independents thus chose to vote in the Democratic primary for him, rather than for Trump in the Republican.

The numbers aren’t good for Bernie, but he may get a boost this weekend from Kansas, Nebraska, and Maine.  There are still 35 states to chime in and despite the theme of Clinton “inevitability” pushed by pundits, and even me, since last summer – politics involves human beings, and nothing is ever certain.

The pundits last night, speculating as to when Bernie might “drop out,” still don’t get what his campaign is about.  As he said last night, it’s not just about electing a President.  It’s about building a movement.  And he raised 40 grand in February, and is fundraising right now with thousands of small donors.  He spoke in Michigan this morning, and will speak in Maine tonight, and Kansas tomorrow.  He’s not going anywhere.

Oh, and for the record Democrats:

National CNN Poll:

Clinton beats Trump by 8, Sanders beats Trump by 12.
Cruz beats Clinton by 1, Sanders beats Cruz by 17.
Rubio beats Clinton by 3, Sanders beats Rubio by 8.