TrumpThat’s the slogan of a robocall a White Supremacist PAC has been making on behalf of Trump.  I’m not finding any condemnations from Trump.

And Klansman David Duke says that a vote against Trump is “treason.”

Trump is ahead in almost all states at this point.  He’s about even with Sen. Ted Cruz in the latter’s home state of Texas, or maybe 12 points behind, depending on the poll.  He’s crushing Rubio in Florida!  Unless he implodes – and given the mindless nature of his support I don’t think there’s any way he can implode – he is the Republican nominee.

He acts like a neanderthal with rabies at the debates.  He’s thrown his woman-hating around not even sparing conservative media icons.  He’s broken the Republican golden rule by attacking President Bush for failure re 911.  He’s attacked the Pope.  But he keeps rolling with plurality wins, and soon, due to the goofy way the Republicans set up their primaries, he will be able to collect all delegates in each state with just pluralities.

Cruz is a dick.  Rubio is vacuous and hapless when challenged in debate on anything.

Republicans have a very serious problem – and they’ve brought it on themselves by gerrymandering insanity into Congress and catering to medeival religious dogma since the ascent of the “religious right” in 198o, the moronic talk radio of the 1990s, and Fox News.

The GOP is crashing and burning.  Hopefully they don’t bring the rest of us down with them.

His problem – his unfavorability ratings are consistently over 50 percent.  Independents don’t like him.  Bernie is beating him in almost every poll.  Hillary is beating him in most polls (she loses to other candidates – Bernie generally beats them all).  If it’s Bernie (and it probably won’t be – I just don’t see the numbers panning out) then it will be a classic ideological match-up and the country will clearly decide one direction or the other.  If it’s Hillary it won’t be ideological.  It’ll be a bloodbath because she will go at him tooth and nail, make him look stupid in the debates, and open up everything he’s every said or done over the past 30 years.  He will try to do the same, but really she’s been “vetted.”

And he may lose the Republicans seats in the House and Senate, particularly as the Democrats intend to keep the pressure on re Scalia’s replacement while the Republicans desperately try to keep the story out of national discussion.  This is going to be a referendum on the insane obstructionism of the past 6 years.

And the Republican leadership is panicking.