And all Hell is breaking loose.  Couldn’t they wait until Monday?

Scalia gone.  I hate to admit this, but I was happy to hear the news – not that I hate the guy.  If I could have prevented his death I would have.  But this is an opportunity to reverse 3 to 4 decades of stupid and harmful s—!  Now I feel guilty that this was my first reaction.  The peril of being a bleeding heart liberal.

His body is still warm.  But already the Republicans are talking stonewall of his replacement!

Republicans are talking about disallowing any replacement until there is a new President.  F— that!  I hope the Democrats push the issue through the whole election campaign – day after day, week after week.  Make it a f—ing referendum on Republican cynicism!
Thing is, even without the replacement, the game is changed.  Any case which results in a 4-4 tie basically upholds the lower court decision.  Here’s a list.

The reports are that he was on a hunting trip when he died.  Anybody looking into Dick Cheney’s whereabouts?