My dear friend and client Felix passed away at about 5:00 last evening – succumbing to what sounds like it was an aneurysm.  She had a huge heart and magnificent humanity which shone through a difficult life.

She was always socially active.  Several years ago she attempted a solo occupation of the Sprowel Creek Bridge and had a run-in with CHP officers in which she was roughed up.  I don’t take such cases lightly, but I took hers and she was set to trial this summer.  As she will never get to present her case to court, I will present it here at a later time.  I will say that she wasn’t into the suit for money or anger – and I will go into detail as to why I say that – but was truly into the case for justice.  She did not view her adversaries as evil, but saw her effort as corrective and hoped they would learn.

But I will also remember her for her humor and grace.  And her generosity.  She didn’t have much, but she was generous of herself.

These photos and more can be found on her Facebook timeline.

Kym has an excellent post on her.


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