Editing an email from Northern Humboldt For Bernie taking personal contact information out.  Basically, Sanders has improved upon the phone banking system Obama initiated in 2008 – the primary point being to ID potential supporters.  Obviously the focus this Saturday will be on Iowa – the caucuses taking place on Monday.  The polling is mixed, with leads for both Sanders and Clinton and it’s really hard to gauge caucuses in polls – unlike primaries you don’t just show up to vote.  In theory you could be there for hours.

Here’s the redacted message:

Dear phone bankers,
It’s crunch time! The caucus coming up next Monday in Iowa is too close to call, and Bernie organizers and volunteers across the country are coming together to make a final push for Bernie in this critical state!
Join us this Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to noon at the Eureka Labor Temple (840 E Street); bring your laptop and cell phone (if you need to borrow one or both, please contact us at the email address below). We’ll supply the training, snacks, coffee, and tea.
If you haven’t phone banked before, and you have a bit of time before Saturday, check out the information at berniesanders.com/phonebank to get a jump start.
Together, we will win this for Bernie!!!



Here’s a clip on CNN with Art Garfunkel.  What I find refreshing is that Sanders bothered to ask before using someone’s song!  A few other candidates didn’t bother.  Also of note regarding the ad, all of the clips were taken from locations in Iowa or New Hampshire, and everyone in the clips are supporters who agreed to be in the ad.