And an account I hadn’t heard.  Probably not for a jaded Internet forum crowd, but I do get some real people reading these posts and not everyone is as cynical as those of us who post in the threads.

Personally, I haven’t been a President Obama fan pretty much since he won the election, though I am grateful that grown-ups are in charge during this very difficult time.  I wasn’t happy when he sold out single payer to pass a weak Heritage Foundation generated health care reform.  I haven’t been happy with the DOJ’s refusal to prosecute bank and investment fraudsters who brought the economy down.  I haven’t been happy with his continued use of drone attacks in civilian-heavy populations.  I haven’t been happy with his maintenance and even extension of the post-911 police state initiated by the Patriot Act.  I wasn’t happy when he extended the mega-rich person’s tax break beyond the sunset period without a fight.  I’ve been plenty disappointed, with a few moments of satisfaction here and there.  I understood that a President can only change so much, and in fact is powerless to change institutions and cultures within government which long predated him and will long succeed him.  But I expected a little more, even in the face of insane Congressional opposition.

But there have been moments of light.  And one year later, an account of one of those moments emerged.

From the article:

“And the funny thing is—President Obama has never spoken about these meetings. Yes, he addressed the shooting in Newtown and gun violence in general in a subsequent speech, but he did not speak of those private gatherings. In fact, he was nearly silent on Air Force One as we rode back to Washington, and has said very little about his time with these families since. It must have been one of the defining moments of his presidency, quiet hours in solemn classrooms, extending as much healing as was in his power to extend. But he kept it to himself—never seeking to teach a lesson based on those mournful conversations, or opening them up to public view.”

And then you have these effing morons.