SurrenderFor those who think there is essentially no difference between the parties, the Republican posturing over the past few days is really shameful.

And once I thought Chris Christie was something other than an asshole.  But he’s bragging that he would even deny entry to Syrian 5 year old orphans.  All heart.

“First, they were worried about the press being too tough on them during debates. Now they’re worried about three-year-old orphans. That doesn’t sound very tough to me.”

To be fair, Christie did say 5 year olds.

And seriously, the conservative German government has already taken in 750k Syrian refugees and says it will take more. Obama is planning to take in an anemic 10k and half our political class is reacting like Brown Shirts. Shameful and nauseating.  There are about seven or eight biblical quotes about taking in refugees from other lands – this is the real “war on Christmas” and they’re going to obsess over effing coffee cups!
Seriously, if enough people vote for any one of these a–holes and he (or she) becomes President then America has lost its soul!