As well he should have been.

But again, if a video hadn’t been posted to the Internet, would he still be throwing kids around classrooms?

Unfortunately there are always idiots with access to airwaves who will justify against the obvious.  And probably she was acting like a punk, which deserves measures – you know, like detention?  Maybe suspension?  But “noncompliance” does not justify throwing a girl across the room.  Nothing short of the girl attacking him with a knife justifies throwing her across the room.

This from Marc Cooper of Nation Magazine:

“When I went to junior high school in mid-city Los Angeles in the early 1960’s there were NO police or security on a campus of 3200 students. One day for some great felony, like improperly putting a gym towel in its retainer, the SS Oberfuhrer gym teacher sentenced me to one swat from a paddle. When I was taken to the Vice-Principal’s office for my punishment, I refused it. The administrators got all bent out of shape and called my mom to campus. She came in from her bowling league puffing on a Viceroy and told the school in no uncertain terms that, policy or not, they were not to touch me unless they wished to test their policies in court. The school saved face by backing down and sending me home for the rest of the day which was great by me! And I did not come from some wealthy, entitled educated family. Just a civilized one that did not believe in inflicting violence on children. We now take it for granted with cops crawling over just about every campus. This joker in SC was really off the wall. I don’t care what the student did… apparently her biggest crime was not getting out of her seat. The entitled folks here are the rent-a-bozos in uniforms who act with impunity.”

There are defenses of this officer on the Internets – claiming he’s not a racist. Well, maybe not. Maybe he’s just an asshole. I don’t know what that mitigates.