ClintonSeriously, I actually think there is a little bit of an issue about using private email for what should be public record and the potential for security risks, but we’ve learned nothing we didn’t already know.  The FBI investigation is pending, but I don’t think it’s going to turn up much for Republican political purposes.

Scanning the Google news there are no takeaway lines from Hillary Clinton except this one.  All the headlines are about the babble from the committee.  And they can’t go on the meme of transparency when they shut down a motion to open up to the public the deposition transcript they keep referring to.  The event has now been investigated more than 911 or other embassy attacks which were much more deadly and much bigger questions of competence.

We have sworn testimony which establishes that she did email Rosenthal, that she did endorse, even push, the Libya intervention which ousted the Ghaddaffy regime, and even established that, yes, she was Secretary of State in 2011 and 2012 – in case we weren’t sure about that.

And all she had to do was sit there.

It doesn’t even qualify as a circus.  Four people died in a tragedy which maybe could have been avoided, but this is really just pathetic even as witch hunts go.  The questioning was disjointed and unfocused, even as fishing expeditions go.  It’s like they weren’t even prepared.  Had nothing.  Still have nothing except millions and millions spent on what two of their own have admitted was politically motivated.  They were reduced to stupid sh– whining, as in when one rep accused her of seizing the limelight for the success of Libya for her own gain.

They’ve all but handed her the Presidency.  Of the Presidential candidates only Ben Carson (who’s completely out of touch) and Jeb Bush (who has nothing to lose at this point) have dared get their names into the news in association with this.

Really, her only threat at this point is Sanders, who had better articulate a vision – it’s not enough to rant about what’s wrong.  He’s got to offer some hope.  In retrospect, he was right to stay above this fray.  And if he’s only going to attack on policy, then he needs to do so now.  This is a good start.