INMIn Canada, the Conservative Party just lost after nine years in power and this analysis suggests that a significant factor was his treatment of First Nation. Perhaps Idle No More deserves some credit in bringing attention to all of the Canadian voters and was an important part of bringing Harper down. I don’t know enough about the election to evaluate the argument one way or another – Democracy Now can be kind of dogmatic – but it’s certainly worthy of discussion. Let’s also hope the Liberals do better. Kind of bummed that the New Democrats fared so poorly, but I think many Canadian voters just wanted to be rid of Harper and didn’t want to take any chances with a split vote, even in a Parliamentary system.

Democracy Now report on Canadian Election.

And here’s a more general analysis of the election.  I will say that despite the NDP decline I find it refreshing that he is going to “deficit spend” to reinvigorate the economy and rebuild infrastructure.  Someone who understands economics and is open about what he will do, which makes no sense to the “balanced budget” ideology embraced even by our own “liberals.”