MAMAs always, Sohum Parlance is an equal opportunity forum when it comes to promotion of political events.  If I can make it, I may have to find some space in between the marches – which as you can see are set for the same time and place.  Here’s hoping there can be a respectful dialogue.

I agree with some of what’s below, but disagree with some as well.  I’m not sure I understand what “We are all Monsanto” means, but I look forward to the explanation.

From the organizers:

We will meet at 2nd and I streets, and at 3:00 we march to the Humboldt County Courthouse, where we will listen to various speakers and have the opportunity to speak ourselves, if we so choose.

Also from the FB Page:

I will be attending the ”March against Monsanto” in Eureka this Saturday for the first ever counter March….. I don’t expect there to be enough of us to be noticed in any sort of ‘march’ without our protest being entirely drowned out by a majority. But I will be attending MAM to advocate for science to fight against psuedoscience and the entrenchment of science illiteracy which threatens food security in developing nations and the advancement of sustainable agriculture.

I hope you will join me. In the near future I will present a meet up plan so we can find each other. I am bringing a number of infographics and charts, some copies of studies, as well as handouts that will be supplied to me by MAMyths. If enough of us attend I’ll bring a table. I’ll bring my daughter if any of you are bringing kids, I’m on the fence.

I commend your courage, I understand how uncomfortable it is to step into the fray. The more of you that will join me, the less terrified I am going to be. We’ve learned how anger fills the space between ones certainty, and their lack of evidence, and how they use this tactic to silence dissenting voices enabling their delusions to spread.

I have many unanswered questions to ask of GMO opponents, and it is long over do that they face up to their own inconsistencies. We know the cognitive dissonance will ignite their ire, but it could also ignite some to inquire further and reconsider. Sure, many of them are unpersuadables, entirely unwilling to reconsider because they are so entrenched inside their belief systems, but many of them are simply victims of the intellectual dishonesty of others and just have never heard anyone speak positively about GMO’s, let alone a real life person.

We are not the adversaries of MAM protesters; WE ARE ALL MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO. Our message to them; ”WE ARE ALL MONSANTO”