Jefferson StateIt will be on the ballot in Lassen and Lake Counties in 2016.

It passed narrowly in Tehama County and failed badly in Del Norte County.  I don’t count Board of Supervisor votes.

I don’t like the idea of a new rural state sending two more white Tea Party Senators to Washington, but as a matter of principle I’m fine with whatever the counties want to do as long as they leave mine out of it.  I will actively campaign against any such proposal in Humboldt County.

By the way, contrary to popular mythology, the rural areas receive much more public money per capita than the urban areas.  Pretty much true of the country as ironically the blue states tend to subsidize the red states in one of the bigger political ironies.  All about economies of scale of course, and urban residents do benefit from rural infrastructure when they travel, but there is considerable misinformation on the issue.  Bottom line is that Jefferson State would be the poorest state in the nation – it would be a economic disaster for those counties and most of these pandering supervisors know it if they’re not deliberately ignorant or just complete idiots.

Photo comes from the movement website.