Anarchists vs. ISIS is the story, and again, maybe there’s a bit of typical left-romanticization in these stories – photos of good-looking young women with assault rifles have generated youth would-be revolutionary solidarity activist capital since the Sandinistas and FMLN.  It always seems so good to be true.

And here’s an article in a semi-mainstream liberal online magazine, also with lots of photos of the women – apparently the strategy is that the fanatics back off when they approach because if they’re killed by a woman in combat they don’t go to Heaven.

PKK Women

But what’s missing here are the articles from the mainstream media about atrocities committed by this group – so far none reported.  Yet the PKK does remain on our government’s list of terror groups.  There was a Commentary (a conservative magazine) article whining about the group’s Marxist influences, as this group is doing what four local governments and one superpower can’t seem to do.  They’re defeating ISIS.  And they’ve fought Iran.  Hussein.   Bashar al-Assad.  But they’ve also fought Turkey, and Turkey is a NATO ally, so, it is what it is.

Are they the real thing?  And given that four local governments, one superpower, and a very powerful fanatic group don’t like them – can they survive?

Photo is from the TPM article linked above.