Pulp MillOther than some brief interest from Oracle a decade or so ago, Samoa remains a potential site for architectural digs for the industry of a bygone era – just sitting there waiting for some kind of entrepreneurial effort to take root.  With the Humboldt County community hurting for livelihood opportunities, the Mad River Union reports that the Harbor Commission has hired Bonnie Neeley to market the land and what’s left of the infrastructure for a potential eco-industrial park scenario.

The definitions of an “eco-industrial park” vary with the examples, but it’s an intriguing concept along with the associated concept of “industrial symbiosis,” which is all about planning infrastructure and pooling of resources for interactions between various industries which there may be mutual benefit and ecological mitigation.   Despite the greenish terms, the concept has attracted considerable capital investment around the world, though it hasn’t taken off quite as quickly in the U.S.

I have no idea what potential industries might want to come to a site in Humboldt County for a project like this, but it’s worth looking into.