The story here isn’t the the Sheriff Association’s complaining nor the the tournament organizers’ gutless cave.  The story is a phenomenal group of young women willing to sacrifice for principle.

Kym Kemp reports on the girls’ banning from the tournament because of the priority they place on justice and freedom of expression.

It would be great if the Fort Bragg Advocate received a flood of letters in support of these remarkable kids.  I intend to write one.

In my opinion, the Sheriff Association’s use of the death of Deputy Ricky Del Fiorentino to back up their attempt to suppress these girls’ expression is both irresponsible and cheap.  Deputy Fiorentino had nothing to do with Eric Garner’s death, nor are the situations comparable as Garner never threatened any officer’s life.  And in fact the actions of the NYPD officers have made law enforcement more dangerous everywhere as will any act which makes troubled people even more fearful of arrest.

Mendocino Girls Team

Addendum: The story makes Nation Magazine, complete with a very lame excuse from the Fort Bragg High School Principal.

From the article:

If you want to call Fort Bragg High School and register your disappointment, the number is (707) 961-2880.

If you want to call Mendocino High School and show them some love, the number is (707) 937-5871.

Second addendum:  Fort Bragg High has a change of heart!