By “cross-votes” I’m referring to those who vote for one progressive and one conservative.  Mitch has some bar charts up.

It appears that the liberal votes were more ecumenical in this election.  Looking at Arroyo/Albin – about 2000 who voted for Arroyo voted for Newman against Bergel, while it looks like about 300 or so who voted for Albin voted for Bergel.  The numbers in the Bergel/Newman are very similar.

No surprise in the correlations of progressive and conservative votes regarding Measure R.  A slim majority of Arroyo voters and a somewhat larger majority of Bergel voters supported it.  But looking at the charts together, it is clear that Newman had somewhat of a progressive contingency – albeit small, while Albin had almost none.

In looking at the contrast in results between the two council races, I’ve been looking at the differences between Bergel and Arroyo, thinking it was accounted for by the bankruptcy revelations.  But I think the key differences in the races were probably those between Albin and Newman.