Mad River Union reports.  4-1 as usual to rewrite the designations to areas where there are “no private property concerns,” which is pretty much limited to highways bisecting public parks.  Once again, anything which might even speculatively impact “property rights” is bounced.  Property rights isn’t just the primary factor in the GPU wholesale rewrite underway with no section 1500 public participation – it’s the trumping factor.  There is no balancing property rights with other concerns.  If property rights might possibly be affected and it’s not mandated by state or federal law, it’s out of the General Plan.

Now let’s have another round of “the GPU doesn’t really matter,” from people who were primarily motivated by the GPU in their Faustian electoral alliances.

It will be ironic if the Humboldt County general plan reflects more conservative values than Trinity County or Del Norte County, and we seem to be on our way!

Doubling down on my opposition to Proposition Z.  Sorry, no way do I want to pull money out of working peoples hands to finance the inevitable lawsuits.