Friends have asked me for advice on the confirmations.  Know that unless there’s an organized opposition to confirmation, they will all be confirmed easily.  But if you want to send some kind of a message, well, here’s what I have.  It’s not much.  I’ll probably vote to confirm all of them.  I haven’t agreed with all the decisions, but I also haven’t seen anything flagrantly out of line.  Reasonable minds can differ.

Supreme Court Justices

JUSTICE LIU GOODWIN – Yes – was to be appointed by Obama but filibustered by Republicans, and then grabbed up by Gov. Brown.  He’s actually kind of moderate for my taste, like Obama fixated on a consensus with wingers who prepare for a street fight while he’s operating like it’s a debating society.  So he compromises too much.  But the wingers’ objections to him are that he was “too academic,” translate that they owe to the anti-intellectualism of their primary bases of support.  He also supports the concept of international law.

JUSTICE MARIANO-FLORENTINO CUELLAR – Yes – another Brown appointee, and fairly liberal.  He was instrumental in killing the military’s don’t ask don’t tell policy.  Solid on abortion rights.  I haven’t really paid much attention to his rulings since he was appointed, and he is a bit of a “suit.”  But the wingers are strong against him, so that’s good enough for me.

JUSTICE KATHRYN MICKLE WERDEGAR – a Wilson appointee who actually hasn’t been all that bad.  I would love to get someone more progressive, but she hasn’t done anything so bad that she deserves to be removed.  She did rule for universal marriage against prop 22, which has earned her some fire from wingers.  Some of the conservative groups are advocating a yes confirmation simply because they don’t want Brown replacing her.

Appellate Court Judges

I haven’t filed or opposed an appeal in years, so I’m not even up on who is on the court.  I haven’t heard complaints about anyone on – heard a few about a couple of retired judges.

If the affiliation of the Governor appointing them is important to you, here is that information.

  • Jim Humes– Appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown
  • Kathleen M. Banke– Appointed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Anthony Kline– Appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown
  • Therese M. Stewart– Appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown
  • Stuart R. Pollak– Appointed by Gov. Gray Davis
  • Martin J. Jenkins– Appointed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (previously a Clinton District Court appointee)
  • Ignazio John Ruvolo– Appointed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Terence L. Bruiniers– Appointed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mark B. Simons– Appointed by Gov. Gray Davis