See my post below re Measure Z as I have similar reservations given the current Eureka City Council majority.  But I have hope that the Board may change drastically in two weeks, and in any case I’m not worried about Measure Q money being spent on defending lawsuits which can be avoided with sensible policies.

That being said, I drove Myrtle recently and outside of the fire station near West Avenue I read a sign which said essentially, “This station will close if Measure Q fails.”

You know, I’m not against scare tactics if the basis isn’t lame, but really it is lame if you’re going to let a fire station close and continue to fund the acquisition of red primates for the zoo.  Yes, I understand that the acquisitions were probably paid for by grants.  I’m just saying that if they can’t find money to prioritize a fire station then the priorities are lame.

It’s going to pass – you know it when so many signs for a proposed tax increase share lawns with Albin and Newman signs.  Again, I have to wonder if the Q signs would be on those lawns if the progressives had a Council majority.  I’m voting for it, but I’m not putting one of the signs on my lawn.  My enthusiasm just isn’t there.