Change of MindFreethinker Bob Froelich will join me to discuss the flexibility of the human mind.  Since college, have you changed your mind about anything significant?  Have you changed a political position, or at least changed the way you look at the issue?  If so, what triggered it?  Was it a sudden revelation, or did a change in your position evolve over time?

My hypothesis is that at a certain age it’s personal experience which has the best chance of changing a mind, not evidence.  As this study suggests, the mind does not necessarily take evidence and generate a change in thinking.  In fact, the resistance to change of thought, in my hypothesis, probably served a positive function in the survival of the species at some point in our evolution.  It may be neurological or otherwise biological – that what we perceive as delusional in others is the very same factor which generates our own seemingly rational intransigence – but in biological terms may be a “healthy” phenomenon rather than a disorder.  I will suggest that what may have been beneficial to the perpetuation of the species at one time is no longer the case, and to a certain degree the human race may have to transcend its own biology to survive.

Bob and I will throw out some particular issues as examples, but we will be directing the discussion to the general topic and not to any debates on particular issues.  I realize that will be very difficult for some, but I will be looking for a focused discussion.