The Rational HippieMy guest on All Things Reconsidered will be Saul of Hearts, a self-described “hippie,” writers, yoga teacher, and musician who authored a Slate article with the above title.  I am not bringing him on as a genetic science expert or anything like that – just an educated and thoughtful man who has put some effort into the issue and drawn conclusions which are not currently shared by most others of his cultural demographic.  I asked him to join us precisely because he shares the values of most of the listenership, and speaks its language.  My hope is to have a fruitful discussion from which we can all learn.

Date is March 20, time is 7:00 p.m., and please call in to participate.

As homework, you might want to read his article.

I expect the discussion to be lively, but also respectful.  I mean, I know that we’ll probably hear from the Illuminati conspiracy theory set and all, but I also know that there are some very intelligent and knowledgeable listeners who are very committed to the eradication of GMO’s, and I’m hoping they will call in as well.

The image is the cover from his latest book, the e-version of which can be obtained free until tomorrow (Saturday, March 15)!