Mark’s announcement on Facebook.

Noah is an excellent choice, with Sohum roots, great environmentalist credentials, an excellent mind for building consensus (although like Faust, I fear he will be a voice in the wilderness with the current Commission makeup – but let’s see what he can do).  I will disclose that he is also a very good friend of mine, so I’m biased.

I think even some of the hardcore HumCPR-left crowd who sometimes visit this blog will be satisfied with the pick, and kudos to Mark for showing some leadership in the pick making what I hope isn’t a futile attempt to sew up some of the divisiveness in county politics.

It’s quite a commitment.  Noah has a beautiful family and he’s going to have to give up time which is very precious to him.  I hope the community at large, at least a significant portion of it, will appreciate the sacrifice.

In the meantime, we really owe thanks to Ralph Faust who fought hard in a rather thankless position.  Took a lot of flack for standing up for his convictions, and representing his district’s values well.