Haven’t been posting much lately.  Partly just not motivated, and partly just really distracted with other things.  Also partly just a little burned out with this whole media format.  People are not often in their higher selves mode, and I think part of it lies in the physical disconnect between people – the non-verbal communication and connections which humanize and complete interactions between people.  Not that we can’t be assholes in person – it’s just that absent the actual contact, the actual sensory interaction between breathing 98.6 degree organisms, it’s too easy to set aside the humanity involved.  Back in the day, even a letter exchange was better because it was spread over days or even weeks – requiring more deliberation and thought.  And if you wrote something angry, and even went so far as to put it into an envelope, you might wake up the next morning with it sitting on your dresser and decide, “You know, I don’t need to send that.”  And in person, even angry exchanges have more vitality – more potential for a comprehensive resolution.

Kind of overwhelmed by the apocalyptic events around me – from the eternal summer to people I have known losing their minds.

I’m not folding up the tent.  But I am putting more energy into other things.  After nearly 8 years of working this medium, I think I’m lacking inspiration right now.  Maybe I’ll get back into when another political campaign heats up, but right now we’ve got four District Attorney candidates and I don’t have strong feelings.  Any one of the four could win and I would be fine.  I’ll vote for one of them.  I’ll host each on a radio show.  But I don’t really have a passion for the race at this point.

Focusing on kids and work right now, and some other writing.  Trying to keep in shape and lose more weight.   Thinking about taking guitar lessons.  Watching cheesy South Korean television series taking place during various periods of the Josean Dynasty.

In an hour my son and his team have a big Futsal match against Fortuna.  Right now my kids are practicing their music.  It’s a nice afternoon – eerie weather though.  Hoping for rain tomorrow.


I’m certainly open to guest posts if anyone wants to make the effort.

Here’s a street musician in Warsaw playing The Four Seasons on the accordion.