KerriganRyan Burns reports that he’ll be running for Mayor of Eureka next year.

He’s run two election campaigns for city council and won both times, actually trouncing Rex Bohn the last time around despite the plastering of Bohn signs all over the city which had some Kerrigan supporters demoralized until election day – which is when I learned that the frequency of signs in Eureka aren’t a good measure of support given that more conservative landlords on the main arteries seem willing to impose their politics on their tenants by placing signs on the lawns.

Kerrigan won each time by walking every neighborhood in the city, and I hope he repeats that strategy, because we don’t just need progressive wins.  We need a discussion.

It bodes well not only for local progressive politics.   Kerrigan’s campaign could represent the last gasp of any efforts to prevent Humboldt County from defaulting to a retirement community.

Now we need some candidates for city council.  And we need to talk district election reform.

Photo comes from the NCJ, and they got it from Facebook.

Addendum:  He was interviewed on KHUM today.