The Sups. will finish reviewing the Guiding Principles this coming Mon., Oct. 7, starting a 1:30 pm. I believe the large number of people who showed up at the last session and stood up for the environment contributed greatly to some compromises that the Sups. made – leading to a better outcome than I originally predicted. However, they only got through G.P. # 5, so there is some very important work left to be done.

If this time we also get a good turn out of folks speaking out for environmental health and  protection, it can make it difficult for the Sups. to backpedal and not continue to compromise. No doubt the development crowd will be there to push for no, or very minimal, restrictions and environmental safeguards.

Please come if you are at all able and speak briefly about the importance of environmental protection for us and our future generations. The public input begins at 1:30 pm and there’s nothing wrong with saying your piece and leaving shortly afterward.