Posted by request from Janelle Egger.

To all lovers of the right to speak based on facts–
The fundamental principle that the public has a right to know is in jeopardy. Passed into law in 1968, the California  Public Records Act is easy to take it for granted. Today, please call the Governor to defend  safeguards that many assumed would never go away, such as requiring local governments  to cite a legal reason before turning down requests for records,  requiring a  response to requests, and providing assistance to the public in making effective requests for records. Today, please call the Governor at (916) 445-2841 and tell his staff: “I urge Governor Brown to veto section 4 of Senate Bill 71 and Assembly Bill 76 (specifically section 6252.8 to the Goverment Code) to restore  effectiveness to the Public Records Act.”

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